Friday, 6 January 2012

Massive layout spam incoming

So, for months now I've only been making layouts to fulfill CT requirements. And I have seriously got thousands of scrapkits just sitting there waiting to be used. Well, the scrapping bug finally bit me! I have been using kits lately purely for the joy of creating something!

I've been working hard also to get all my scrap stuff organised. Having so much stuff to choose from means I've always stuck to just one kit because it's been too much of a mission to try to find things that match or work from other kits. And my ways of organising are obsessive. There's not really another word for it. How do you organise?

First off, for myself, inside explorer, I keep everything in it's original folder. I place a tag at the start, to keep things in a certain order... such as [Baby] Baby kit Name, [Alpha] Name of Alpha, etc. Then, I've changed each folder to have it's own icon which is the preview of the kit/alpha/element pack etc. This was a serious mission on it's own. (If anyone is reading this and wondering, I use a program named icofx to create icons from the preview images)

Then comes ACDSee. I tag the preview images with type (kit, alpha, tools, element pack, paper pack), designer and a tagword (like baby, christmas etc).

Then I go through each kit and tag the letter A as an alpha (doesnt show up with the previews though, shows up under its on category) and the number 0. I tag all the papers and elements with what they are. It's HUGE and I'm not even close to being finished but the sad thing is, I LOVE working on it and the great thing is, I'm discovering kits I don't even remember buying! (I've actually discovered I have 74 kits from one designer alone! haha).

Anyway.... here's some layouts and awesome releases I have worked with.

Vale of Darkness is a Lord of the Rings inspired kit from Creative Victorian Designs. It's STUNNING. Just take a look -

Brady's Everyday Life Collection / and Volume 2 is an absolutely darling new release by Wishing Well Creations (And Brady's Room is one of my all time favourite kits so you can understand why I was so excited by this release). They're a digital take on Project Life =)

And the third CT related kit I've worked with is A New Year by Teresa Digi Designs. I absolutely love the colours in this kit!

Now, some other layouts I've created this year also! =)

I took part in the most recent Digi Dare! I never have before but I have so much fantastic stuff to use (including Studio Flergs newest kit which is ADORABLE) so I decided I would =) Here's how it turned out (and go here to see it in my DST gallery for credits):

Two others:

This uses Game On by Connie Prince.

And this uses Looking for Paradise by The Hidden Heart.

Anyway, longest blog post ever, hope everyone has a safe weekend and my next post should have a freebie in it!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

So, my new years resolution is to blog more. So here I am. While it's technically Jan 2nd for me... it's still Jan 1st for loads of other people so I'm on time with a new years post! :p

I am a terrible procrastinator. I put everything off. Constantly. But it's ok. It's no big deal. It's life. And I get it from my father. He is possibly the worlds worst procrastinator. Before this baby falls out of me, he's meant to be fixing up the nursery. Since I found out I was pregnant (at 9 weeks), Dad has been "working" on Oliver's room. There's a bit to do... however, it's not a huge job and would probably take only one day of work to be completely dumb. Yesterday, finally, he stops making excuses and gets in there. (Keep in mind we are now 36 weeks). He does one small thing (some panels across the top of the windows) and then promptly finds a reason to not carry on. So we are pretty much at square one. There is still sanding to be done, wallpapering to be done, curtains to be hung. Blah.

Everyone is talking about their one little word. I found it very hard to choose mine. It's hard to choose what your focus will be and what you want to change in a year that's already going to be so hugely different (due to becoming a mother in the next month). So my word is a simple one... an easy one: Joy. I want to find more joy in everything I do. I want to create joy for the people I love (maybe even the people I don't love, if I'm in a nice enough mood!).

Anyway, my first layout for 2012 is one about resolutions. And I love it! (I'm not usually overly thrilled with the layouts I create).

The kit used is Everyday Life from Weeds and Wildflowers/Gina Marie Huff: Elements here | Papers here. The font is GE Centurion.

Anyway, now I'm being lazy and stopping my post part way through. Go check out the new FB fan freebie from Wishing Well Creations! You'll also get to see the preview of her new upcoming collection which is AMAZING. (and I've been lucky enough to work with it already! I'm addicted!).

Possibly a freebie coming new post. I have been making acrylic alphas for my own use (because I love them but only have a couple!) so I may work up the motivation to upload and share =) Not that anyone will see this. haha.