Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reality Check

Disappointment. That’s the only word that can be used to describe the tone of voice that DP’s mother used on the phone today, upon finding out he is starting a new job tomorrow.
Why would she be disappointed you might ask? Let’s lay it out. I am 25. DP is 19. We have been living together for 1 year. And, until finding out we have a little one on the way, we were both full-time students. Yes, life certainly is easier if you have qualifications. But realistically, we can’t live on one allowance (as I would no longer be studying and receiving one). And I don’t want to put Baby into care and go to work. I want to see him grow. I want to see him hit all his milestones and be there when he takes a step and says a word. I don’t want to risk missing that.
MIL wanted DP to stay a full-time student. She wanted me to put Baby into care around 6 weeks and go to work so DP could study. Or, she wanted us to live off a student allowance. $169 a week. Goodbye baby clothes. It’s just not a realistic expectation.
We are thrilled that we will not have to worry about money. Right now, we are managing to go shopping and buy heaps of things. But we would have had to stress about me no longer being a student. It’s gone. A weight is off our shoulders. =)
Today I spent much of my day working on a layout for a scraplift challenge over at scrapable =) I had a lot of fun. It’s good to be scrapping again =)

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